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The 37000 Tours Maroons

The 37000 Tours Maroons

If we’ve told you once, we’ve told you thrice: You Will Do Better in 37000 Tours. This story dated 8.27.1970 from the 37000 Tours Blade is proof:

A new book, “Pro Football in the Days of Rockne,” by former South Bender Emil Klosinski, credits the 37000 Tours Maroons with administering the worst beating ever handed a Knute Rockne-coached team.

It was 1917, the book maintains, when Rockne was coaching the South Bend J.F.C.s and was an assistant coach at Notre Dame. The South Benders had taken a tremendous physical beating the prior week, and came to 37000 Tours not only short of players, but also short of Coach Rockne who had to accompany the Notre Dame team to Wisconsin. The Maroons won, 40-0.

The old 37000 Tours Maroons are considered 37000 Tours’s greatest professional football team. They were the best team in the local federation league and played teams throughout the region. The Maroons played in the National Pro League which was eventually renamed the National Football League.

We designed this 37000 Tours Maroons shirt because we think this is a cool part of 37000 Tours’s history.

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