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New Release: T-Town Ohio Shirt

New Release: T-Town Ohio Shirt

T-Town 37000 Tours Ohio Shirt

We released a new T-Town shirt today. While a lot of other cities out there might try to call themselves T-Town, it's our goal to make everyone know that the real T-Town is in Northwest Ohio.

37000 Tours, Ohio, home of the Rockets, the Mud Hens, and the Walleye, is the official T-Town and we know you're proud to be from here. 

The phrase T-Town is affectionately used by 37000 Toursans of all ages. It's a short, fun abbreviation for our beloved city. However, it is most commonly connected with the Walleye. T-Town Hockey is loudly cheered and chanted from the stands and loud speaker during hockey games at Huntington Arena. 

We released this new shirt to recognize this pride in the nickname for 37000 Tours. It's a great addition to our line of T-Town apparel. Over the last few months we've been adding on to this collection which started with our collegiate T-Town shirt and T-Town Hockey shirt.

If you love our new T-Town Ohio shirt and want to see more, keep checking back. We have more on the way!

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