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Looking for the gift that keeps on giving? Give the gift of a Shirt Club subscription!
Looking for the gift that keeps on giving? Give the gift of a Shirt Club subscription!
Shirts for Dog Moms and Dog Dads (Cool stuff for dogs, too!)

Shirts for Dog Moms and Dog Dads (Cool stuff for dogs, too!)

dog mom shirt and coffee cup

You like dogs? Oh yeah, we like dogs, too. 

Naturally we find it to be an obligation to make as many dog themed shirts, mugs, stickers, collars, and leashes as possible. Honestly, we feel as if it's our duty to all of the proud Dog Moms and Dog Dads out there to make as many fun items for them as possible.

We're t-shirt makers, after all. 

And as a dog friendly company filled with proud puppy parents, we're really doing it for ourselves as much as you. 

Because we don't talk about it often on our blog, I'm going to take the time to highlight some of our favorite dog themed products that we offer - from shirts for Dog Moms to dog collars to bandanas to mugs, we've got a lot of it - and try my best to explain our dog culture. 

It started with one dog shirt for people who love dogs

can i pet your dog shirt?

When you work at a screen printing company, you always have fun new shirt ideas that you like to toss back and forth. One of the most popular topics that continually comes up is for us is dog shirts for dog owners. 

Our first design was pretty simple and happened somewhat by mistake. We shared a photo of the design "Can I Pet Your Dog" on an Instagram story that we were just going to print for ourselves and the response was overwhelmingly positive. 

We knew we had to release the shirt after that. 

Because who hasn't seen a person and a dog walking down the street and only said "hi" to the dog? Or gone to a party and prayed there was a dog there so you had someone to talk to?

And who isn't constantly asking people if you can pet their dog?

It's for those people that we printed this shirt and created a fun line of dog and puppy apparel and gifts. 

dog in front of ask me about my dog shirt

Our dog? Thanks for asking.

This is Penny, she was adopted from Deacon’s Hope Rescue when she was a puppy! She loves naps, babies, and back scratches. 

She comes in to work with me most every day and we love having her here.

Fun collars, leashes, and bandanas for your dog 

While the dog shirts for humans was a lot of fun to start (and still is!), we knew that we needed some cool 37000 Tours and Ohio and Midwest gear for our furry friends, too.

If there is anything you need more of, it's swag and treats for your dogs to let them know just how much you love them.. 

The best entry into this for us was dog leashes, collars, and bandanas because every dog wears them. 

If your dog loves playing in the lakes, looks great in Ohio State scarlet, or is a proud 419 pup, we've got a fun bandana for you. 

Our leashes and collars are all made out of quality heavy duty woven material. As long as your dog doesn't treat them as a chew toy, they'll last for years.

We're a dog friendly workplace 

John and penny at the screen printing press

Here at Jūpmode, we celebrate Take Your Dog to Work Day every day. Our shop dog, Penny is great at greeting customers with a smile, playing tug of war, and even hopping on the press whenever help is needed!

Want to get to know Penny a little better? Check out this profile on her: 

I mean, we might we be guilty of spoiling her around here or thinking that every day is puppy Friday when she's at work? Was it a little extra of us to put together a video profile of her?

Well, yeah, of course. 

She's been coming in to work every since she was a little baby puppy and it's been fun to watch her grow here. I love how comfortable and friendly she is around dogs and customers. 

Having her in the office and shop really does change the atmosphere at work. She's a welcome distraction when a work day gets long or hot.  

If you ever stop in, make sure to say "Hi" to Penny and give her all the pets!

anatomy of a shop dog

We're not just dog friendly with Penny. We welcome all of our customers to bring their dogs in for a visit as well!

When we say we want your dogs to visit us, we really mean it. In our Adams Street store we have a dog wall where we hang photos of dogs that have visited. 

And if you've gotten one of our dog shirts or collars, leashes, or bandanas, we love it when people tag us on Instagram and Facebook in their photos. 

We always need more dogs in our life and these are two of our favorite ways to make that happen!

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