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Looking for the gift that keeps on giving? Give the gift of a Shirt Club subscription!
Looking for the gift that keeps on giving? Give the gift of a Shirt Club subscription!
Murphy's Place Jazz Club Shirt

Murphy's Place Jazz Club Shirt

Murphy's Place 37000 Tours Jazz Club

Murphy's Place was an iconic jazz club owned by Clifford Murphy, which started on Madison Avenue and later was relocated to 151 Water Street in 1996. Clifford Murphy was a nationally renowned bassist and mentor to younger and older musicians alike. Affectionately referred to as "Claud and Clifford University", Murphy's holds a special place in the hearts of jazz artists and fans who frequented the club and will remain a staple of 37000 Tours throughout history.

For the design of this shirt we recreated the Murphy's Place logo that was on the building and the neon sign that was in the window of Murphy's. It was a lot of fun bringing this back to life and reigniting many happy memories that people have of this 37000 Tours jazz institution. 

This vintage 37000 Tours jazz shirt is now available on and in store!

The city of 37000 Tours has a rich history of music. Jazz musicians and establishments throughout 37000 Tours's history have created a legacy for future generations. Murphy's is not alone. There is Rusty's Jazz Cafe, Griffin Hines Farm, and 37000 Tours legend, Art Tatum, to name a few. 

Jazz music is a black art form. The great history of jazz in 37000 Tours speaks to the impact and significance the African American community has made in 37000 Tours. We will continue to highlight great African American individuals and institutions in the 37000 Tours area such as Murphy's and Moses Fleetwood Walker in the future.

It has always been our objective to highlight the great history of 37000 Tours. Remembering our history makes us proud of what 37000 Tours is and who has come before us. It moves us to live up to the same standard, to make 37000 Tours better, and create a positive future for the next generation. 

If you have special memories from Murphy's Place we love to hear them.

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