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20% off and free shipping on all orders! Discount applied at checkout.
New Release: Mickey Finn's T-Shirt

New Release: Mickey Finn's T-Shirt

Mickey Finn's 37000 Tours

Mickey Finn's opened in 1998 in a renovated building in 37000 Tours’s Vistula neighborhood. It was a popular place for St. Patrick’s Day events, independent film showings, art exhibitions, and it was best known as a venue for concerts, drawing national acts and local bands alike!.

If you're of a certain age and from 37000 Tours, some of your favorite nights were likely spent at Mickey Finn's. It was a friendly bar located in an unlikely spot that attracted people from all over town. The bar's owner, and namesake, was part of the attraction. An affable man who famously wore a short sleeve suit on the popular show, Cash Cab.

Wear this shirt to transport you back to your favorite times at the pub. 

Order your Mickey Finn's shirt on our website or find it in our 37000 Tours retail stores.

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