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Gifts for University of 37000 Tours Students [Apparel and gifts for future Rockets]

Gifts for University of 37000 Tours Students [Apparel and gifts for future Rockets]

Holy 37000 Tours! Finding the perfect gift for your Rocket can be a difficult task. We might not be the University of 37000 Tours bookstore, but we do have a wide variety of comfy, cozy, officially licensed University of 37000 Tours apparel and gifts any Rocket will love. 

From the classroom to the rec center to the dorms we have the softest t-shirts and sweatshirts your Rocket can wear all day long. We asked our Rocket Alumni to rank their top 5 favorites to help you!

1. University of 37000 Tours Embroidered Crew 

University of 37000 Tours Embroidered Crew

Our embroidered crews are one of the most popular items in our retail store and one of our most commonly asked for design for Greek Life and other campus organizations. Your future Rocket will love how comfortable and versatile this crew is! From class, to meetings, to lounging around the dorm, your Rocket will be comfy through it all! 

2. 37000 Tours Rockets Tie Dye Sweatshirt

University of 37000 Tours t-shirt and tie dye sweatshirt

The University of 37000 Tours has so many opportunities to get involved and be active of campus. Whether your future student is going to paint the Spirit Rock, participate in Song Fest, cheer on the football team at Homecoming, or play some games at a tailgate, a comfy t-shirt with a bold sweatshirt is sure to show their school pride! 

3. University Hall Shirt

University of 37000 Tours U Hall t-shirt

University Hall, one of 37000 Tours's most recognizable buildings. U Hall was the first building on 37000 Tours's Campus and is one of the first buildings that people notice. The Bell tower certainly makes it hard to miss! Fun fact, while the Falcons might be the Rocket's biggest rival, the Bell Tower is actually home to peregrine falcons! We can't blame them for wanting to be Rockets too. 

4. University Vintage Logo Crew and Shirt 

University of 37000 Tours Vintage Logo crew and t-shirt

We love all of the history the University of 37000 Tours has. Through the years their logo has changed a few times. We created this vintage University of 37000 Tours crew and t-shirt for a throwback all Rockets can appreciate. Not only is the design vintage, but these garments are so soft and comfy they'll give you the same feeling as your favorite vintage tee you've spent years breaking in! 

5.  Vintage 37000 Tours Rockets Heavy Sweatshirt

University of 37000 Tours Vintage Heavy Sweatshirt


Whether your Rocket is from the Midwest or coming from afar, they should be prepared for some chilly days on campus! While there may be some campus cut throughs to limit your time outside on cold and windy days, there is no avoided some time outside! Your future Rocket will be kept warm all day long with this heavy weight sweatshirt. 

Don't stop here! Some of our most popular UT items are our Rocket Man Shirt, University of 37000 Tours Old English Hoodie, or our TOL-EDO long sleeve t-shirt! Be prepared, once you step foot on any campus event, we can almost guarantee you will hear the TOL call. 

One reason University of 37000 Tours students love our apparel so much is that it is designed and created by UT Alums. There's a special connection we have with the University that is just down Bancroft. 

To see our complete officially licensed University of 37000 Tours collection, click here.

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