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Looking for the gift that keeps on giving? Give the gift of a Shirt Club subscription!
Can I pet your dog?

Can I pet your dog?


We take great pride in being a dog-friendly establishment. Our shop dog, Penny, is with us Monday-Friday, making sure that our office and production team are staying on task! She also stays on a tight schedule to ensure that she gets her recommended 16-100 daily back scratches and plenty of potty breaks.

We welcome (quite enthusiastically) visits from our customer's pups, and frequently receive visits from our friends at Lucas County Canine Care & Control, flaunting their sweet, adoptable fur babies. We try to take photos of each dog that enters our store in order to add them to our Puppers Only wall so we can show off all of our new friends!

The fact that we are dog-friendly provides us countless benefits, but that's not to say that there aren't risks involved. In an effort to minimize those risks, we've created a list of our rules and some tips to keep our dog-friendly shop safe for its visitors, both human and canine.



Without a dog-friendly shop, how could we have Puppy Fridays? We love to feature your pets on our social media to end each and every work week.

As we mentioned earlier, we love our visits from Lucas County Canine Care & Control. While it takes lots of willpower to not take home every adoptable angel they bring in for a visit, it's so fun to shower them all with pets and scratches and a little well-earned play time.

The Puppers Only wall. This is our collection of photographs of the dogs that grace us with their presence! If your pooch hasn't made the wall yet, please bring them in so we can add them to what we believe is essentially the world's greatest scrapbook.

Last but certainly not least, being dog-friendly has proven to be excellent for team morale. We often joke that Penny has the hardest job of all of us, as aside from taking some pretty extreme naps, she acts as our collective personal therapy dog. It's pretty likely that we get as much joy out of scratching her ears and giving her hugs as she does!



One of our main concerns with being dog-friendly is the potential for illnesses to be spread. We have been very fortunate not to have much experience in this. Recently, we gained a valuable lesson when a puppy who (unknowingly) had Parvo visited our store. As soon as the owner discovered this, they notified us so that we could take proper precautions to disinfect the store and ensure that Penny and her friends would be safe from harm. For this reason, only dogs who are up-to-date on their vaccines and who are in good health may enter the store for their own safety as well as the safety of other visitors & Penny.

Safety of all pet & human visitors is always first and foremost in our minds. We have our own rules in place regarding Penny, plus rules for our visitors. While we may trust our own pets, they are still animals and can behave unpredictably in stressful situations. We take every precaution to ensure that pets and people are safe in our store, including the rules you'll see below.



All dogs who enter the store must be kept on a leash at all times. This ensures that dogs do not bolt for the door, approach other dog visitors, or make their way back into our production facility. The benefit of control in these situations is crucial!

Only dogs who are up-to-date on their vaccines may enter the store. This helps to keep Penny safe as well as all visiting pups.



It's important to know that any dog is capable of biting, even our Penny. When dogs are at Hippiechickj they are in an unfamiliar place which can cause them to stress. Dogs can bite if they are scared or have been startled. When members of our staff meet a new dog, they do it with a calm demeanor, despite how excited they are. Approaching a dog with a high-pitched voice can be threatening and cause some dogs to become fearful.

ALWAYS ask first before petting a dog. When meeting an unfamiliar dog, don’t reach out to pet them. First, ask their pet parent, "May I pet your dog?” A strange hand in a dog’s face may scare them, leading to a bite.

After you receive permission to pet a dog, let them sniff your closed hand. Then, you may proceed to pet their shoulders or chest. The ASPCA says to avoid first petting the top of the dog’s head as this can seem intimidating.

If a dog seems aggressive or starts barking or growling, do not pet that dog even if the owner gives you permission.

NEVER put your face in a dog's face. It may seem like the dog is comfortable with you, but crowding a dog's personal space could result in a bite. 


With all of this being said, we are grateful every day that we get to work in a dog-friendly environment, and we look forward to your visit!

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