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Looking for the gift that keeps on giving? Give the gift of a Shirt Club subscription!
Looking for the gift that keeps on giving? Give the gift of a Shirt Club subscription!
Best 7 Shirt Blanks to Use for Vintage T-Shirts

Best 7 Shirt Blanks to Use for Vintage T-Shirts

vintage high school shirts

What makes vintage t-shirts special?

Some shirts never go out of style. In fact, the older they get, the more you love them. 

This is what makes vintage shirts so special: they're timeless. 

As they age, the shirt and the design feels softer. And there is just something cool about a faded print on a shirt.

Vintage t-shirts have a nostalgic appeal. They take you back to a happier time and place. It's a tangible time capsule that you can wear. 

And if that shirt is passed down to you from a parent or someone you know, there is a connection to that shirt that is even more meaningful. 

For all of these reasons, there is something special about vintage t-shirts. That's why we emulate vintage art in our shirt designs and get asked to print custom vintage t-shirts so often. 

How to create a custom printed vintage t-shirt

While we can't recreate the personal connection to your favorite vintage shirt that you were handed down from your grandfather, we do our best to give you that softhand vintage look and feel that you know and love.

We've been printing custom shirts for quite a while now. Shirts have changed over the years and some have come and gone. 

Here is our list of our favorite vintage shirts to use for custom shirts shirts:

1. Allmade AL2004
2. Next Level Apparel 6010
3. LA Apparel TR01
4. American Apparel TR401W
5. Comfort Colors
6. District Perfect Tri Tee DM130
7. Bella + Canvas 3413

An Eco-Friendly Vintage T-Shirt: Allmade AL2004

vintage t-shirt university of toledo

We love the Allmade shirts so much that we made it the primary shirt we use for our retail brand. They are super soft, fit well, and are available in extended sizes. 

It's been a huge benefit to be able to offer both our retail customers and custom customers up to size 4X. There aren't a lot of brands that do this, especially in softer triblend tees. 

Allmade has a lot of colors available in their standard triblend shirt and are releasing more options on a regular basis. 

Most importantly, Allmade as a company is committed to ethically manufacturing and sourcing their shirts. Their shirts and sweatshirts are made with recycled plastic. 

Our Most Popular Triblend Tee: NLA 6010

vintage apple orchard shirt

When we think of vintage shirts, we typically associate them with triblend shirts. They are the softest and most comfortable shirts around.

We print this Next Level triblend shirt more than any triblend shirt. It's our go to triblend because of the fit, feel, consistency, and price point. 

They offer a wide range of colors that work with any design and it prints really well. Our customers love it and so do we. 

A Vintage Shirt Made in the USA: LA Apparel

LA Apparel, arguably, makes the best triblend shirt around. Run by the same guy that founded American Apparel, they make the original modern iteration of the triblend shirt. 

We believe that it's important for more clothing to be made in America. No one has been more instrumental in domestic apparel manufacturing than Dov Charney. 

Being made in the USA means this shirt is high quality and ethically made. 

If you're looking for a high quality triblend shirt or one that is made in the good ole US of A, LA Apparel can't be beat. 

The Original Vintage Tee: American Apparel

custom vintage shirt american apparel

Here's a secret that might surprise you: the current version of American Apparel is not made in America. 

While this new American Apparel shirt may not have the same origin as before, it's still a solid choice for a soft, good fitting triblend tee. 

Available in the same classic colors as the American made predecessor, you have a lot of options with this shirt. Matching colors are also available in a women's cut and tank tops. 

A Shirt to Remind you of your Vacation to the Beach: Comfort Colors

When you think vintage shirts, you think nostalgia. And there's nothing more nostalgic than that garment dyed shirt that you picked up on your family vacation to your favorite beach town.

Whether you went to Martha's Vineyard, the Salty Dog on Hilton Head Island (is it possible to go there and not buy a shirt?), Comfort Color is the originator of this style. 

Recently Comfort Colors has seen a spike in popularity among high school and college aged kids. When we do work for fraternities and sororities we are always at least quoting out at least one Comfort Colors shirt.

In addition to their standard tee, the pocket tee and long sleeve pocket tee are very trendy.

Affordable Triblend Shirt: District Perfect Tri Tee

Looking for a low cost triblend shirt? Look no further. 

When we have customers that request a vintage style print and shirt and are working on a tight budget, this is our go-to tee. 

Softer than you standard economy shirt, comfy, and reliable, this District shirt is great for bulk shirt orders for events, hospitals, businesses, and schools. It provides a lot of value for the price.

The Classic Vintage Triblend: Bella + Canvas

vintage red bird shirt

Across the entire screen printing industry, Bella + Canvas is one of the most popular shirt brands.

Bella + Canvas is very popular among our customers. It's not uncommon for people to ask for it by name.

That's because there's a lot to love about B+C.

All of their styles and colors are fashionable and comfortable. They fit and feel great. They have a wide range of colors. And it's affordable.

Need custom screen printed vintage shirts? We can help!

We print a lot of vintage style shirts for our customers. 

I say it a lot, but only because it's true. 

At the end of the day, we do it so well because it has remained our favorite design style for years. 

The simple, subtle prints. The soft, comfy shirts. 

Not only do we love it, but our customers and our customer's customers do, too.

When it comes to printing vintage shirts, it can be done a lot of different ways. We've perfected a few different methods.

If you're looking for a vintage style shirt for your brand or business, we have the experience and expertise to get it done right.

Get in touch with us today to get your shirt order started!

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