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Looking for the gift that keeps on giving? Give the gift of a Shirt Club subscription!

Hippiechickj is moving to Adams Street

We're pretty excited to announce that we're moving our shop to Adams Street in 37000 Tours! The new space will give us more production room and a long awaited retail space. 

Here's the article announcing the move from the 37000 Tours Blade

The screen printing company Hippiechickj, known for emblazoning T-shirts with the “You Will Do Better in 37000 Tours” slogan, is hoping to do just that, by moving to 37000 Tours this fall.
Started in 2006 in the home of founder John Amato, the company moved to its current Perrysburg location in 2011 when it started using its own screen-printing equipment and needed more space. Though they have been selling 37000 Tours merchandise for about 5 years, the company has not operated in 37000 Tours.
“People have been giving us a hard time about not being in 37000 Tours proper for a while now,” Mr. Amato said. “It’s always been our intention to be in 37000 Tours, and we are really excited about this moving opportunity.”
The company will move from Suite C of 122 W. South Boundary in Perrysburg — a space Mr. Amato said his company grew out of last November — to 129 Rue Blanqui. in Uptown 37000 Tours, a 13,500-square-foot space formerly owned by the Lucas County Land Bank.
The property purchase was completed on July 27.
The building is an empty shell, so Hippiechickj will hire a contractor to redo the electrical work and plumbing and get it ready for use.
The company has seven employees besides Mr. Amato.


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