Everything you own in a box to the left: Creating your hippie tool kit for work!

Okay, I started this post back in October when my team first moved our work location.  Since then, I have moved 3 times to 3 new  locations.  Every time we moved, I would hear Beyoncé’s song: Irreplaceable, play in my head.  Anyway, back to my October post with the song playing in the background ;P.

I am a little dumbfounded.

My life fits in one box.

Okay, one partially filled box.

Well, my work life fills part of a box.  This box is actually pretty cool– I think it’s cool because it is what held my birthday present from my parents & brother.  I will share that with you soon 😉 You see at work my team is homeless (kind of). At the end of last week, we packed up our work areas to move into a temporary home.  I was a little shocked to find that after almost 2 years at my employer, all of my personal belonging fit into the box my convection oven arrived in.

What’s even better, most of the objects in my box are relate to food! I mean if you want to live a healthy, hippie lifestyle you can’t count on others to provide the essentials for you.  BUT, I can help you build your own kit healthy, hippie kit of essentials.  I really should come up with a cool name for my kit.  Maybe you can help?   I have by no means perfected the essential items that should be part of every health nut toolbox health-box and mine are always changing.   I have slowly added items that make living a hippie life at work EASY!  Yes you read that right… you can live a HEALTHY, HIPPIE Lifestyle and work in the corporate world!

I know this because I live a hippie life at work.   The best part is, I absolutely LOVE my hippie life!

What’s in my box?  Well, let me tell you.

IMG_0277Probably my favorite thing is my mini crockpot.   Winter is the perfect time to enjoy soup and is there a better way to heat it up?  All I have to do is toss the soup in the crockpot, plug it in and it does it’s thing.  I do stop by and stir my soup to make sure it heats up evenly.  I know, I know, winter is quickly disappearing, but I still love my crockpot.


What’s next?

How about my stash of spices and seasonings 🙂

I have 2 cute jars, one recycled from a previous purchase, that hold coconut oil and apple cider vinegar. I love having a coconut oil sitting near me.  I will toss a sweet potato into my BIRTHDAY present (my cooker!) and once it’s all cooked, I grab the coconut oil and toss a dollop on, let it melt and enjoy my treat! IMG_0278 The apple cider vinegar I keep around to make my quick salad dressing!  I will give you a hint, keep mustard in the fridge and your stevia handy.

I also keep cumin, turmeric and cinnamon in box.  They are great add-ons for almost any meal.  One of my favorite IMG_0279treats is so simple.  I cut up an apple and sprinkle cinnamon on it and enjoy! Yummy… hmmm I am getting hungry, I wonder if I have any apples handy 😉

Alright, we are getting to the end of my box.  The last thing I want to share with you today, is my duck!  It’s a slingshot that quacks! I am learning that relaxing and not taking myself too seriously is a good thing.

What’s do you keep on your desk for a stress reliever and to encourage you to have fun and enjoy your job & life?


Do you have a stash of healthy things at work?  What’s in yours?  I would <3 to hear!



Salad minus lettuce?

Is that even possible or REAL?

Sure why not?  I mean, who really makes the rules and aren’t some meant to be bent?

Have you ever had a day when you pack a salad for lunch and the salad sounds good?  Well it sounds good when you pack it, but as the day goes on it sounds less appealing? esp the spinach part. I mean, a big pile of veggies and beans is still a salad right?

Today is one of those days for me.

Sitting in the fridge is a wonderful green smoothie.  Ingredients include: SPINACH, blueberries, strawberries and a banana.  Part of it was my breakfast and the rest will be my snack later. So when lunch rolled around, I was planning on eating a salad. (I am really working on fueling my body with the nutrients it needs.) I piled a large stack of veggies from our cafeteria on a plate and sat down at my desk and took a bite before adding the spinach.

In the words of a great co-worker, it tasted good, really, really good.


I tore up my spinach and started to mix it in.

Took a bit.


Decided– I liked my salad without the spinach.  I did not even want dressing either.

Started picking out the lettuce.

Took another bite… better.

Removed 90% of the spinach… even better.


My spinach sat in a pile… discarded.  I may return to it later– or maybe I will drink my smoothie and call it good!

So yes, today I ate a salad minus one key ingredient. Sometimes you just have to go with how your body is feeling and what sounds good.

Some days, a salad minus the spinach is better.  Do you ever have days that a salad minus the spinach or lettuce tastes better?

I challenge you to enjoy the day and be ready to think out of the box when it comes to your food.  Make a salad minus the lettuce.  Forget a key ingredient and see where life takes you!

Hugs From a Skillet

This last week was a week I had to just put my head down and fight through it; good thing I am a fighter!  Okay, not a boxer or someone that actually punches a co-worker in the face, but mainly because I would end up in jail.  No one wants to go to jail, not really… Anyway, by the end of the day Friday, I was out of energy & out of fight. I needed a hug. OR Warm,  yummy, comfort food. I was late getting out of work, and after driving home I was in need of getting food into me fast. What sounded good was a BIG stack of fluffy pancakes.  In my opinion, pancakes are the perfect feel better food. But there was one minor problem, I have not been eating any flour lately, and did not want to start last night. Oh, but wait for it…

This week, while visiting my sister at college my mom (Banana Bev) learned a new recipe from one of my sister’s teammates. Mom got the nickname, Banana Bev one night when she made my sister and her teammates ice cream out of a frozen banana.  She was super excited over her new find. Somehow the name has stuck.  My sister’s friends love passing her banana recipes.  So thanks to my sister’s friend: A, Banana Bev and I now have an awesome, comfy banana pancake recipe.
“Banana Bev Pancakes” Ingredients: (Her version of the 2 ingredient pancakes)
  • 1 Banana
  • 2 Eggs
  • Vanilla Extract
Add on’s:

  • Cinnamon
  • Peanut Butter
  • Blue Berries
Smash your banana.  I did this on a plate.
Smashed Banana

 Crack 2 eggs & beat them.


Mix in your banana
Add a splash of vanilla and beat/mix it well
IMG_2249 This is your core batter.  I am sure you could add some cinnamon or mix in peanut butter to the batter, and it would be fantastic.  In fact, I may have to try that tomorrow when we get snowed in :o. If you want to make your batter a little smoother, you could toss it into a blender. Now grab your coconut oil (I used the coconut oil that had the coconut flavor still in it which gave a great tropical flavor. Once your oil and skillet are warm, drop a dollop of batter in. When I asked Banana Bev, when I should flip it, she responded with, “When it’s ready.”  That’s not super helpful!, but since this recipe is similar to a real pancake, you will know when it’s ready.
IMG_2250 My first flip was a little rough and my pancake separated, but we made it.  In fact, with each pancake I made they got a little better. By the end of the batch– I think I had it down. IMG_2251

Instead of using syrup or Agave, I grabbed a blueberry and date jam(ish) yumminess that was in the fridge and topped the pancake off.  I will have to get the recipe and post it for you.
I am pretty sure that after my first bite I heard the angels break out in a chorus of Hallelujah– just for me 😉 This was the perfect comfort food, that gave me a hug at the end of a tough week. IMG_2253 I am sure this recipe has been around for a while and after running into it a couple of times, I am so glad I tried it.  I think my cleaned plate says it all! IMG_2254 So if you need a good, comfy food that willingly gives hugs and is healthy?  Just give this simple recipe a try! IMG_2255
Other places I found this recipe or similar versions:

http://www.topwithcinnamon.com/2013/01/2-ingredient-healthy-pancakes-gluten-free-dairy-free.html http://www.recipegirl.com/2013/01/26/2-ingredient-pancakes/

Why must you judged… me?

Why must you judged me? I don’t judge you…  I am a little confused why you feel the need to make faces at me, the comments behind my back,  or even to my face?  I choose to live my lifestyle, just like you choose to live yours.  Don’t you know that your snide comments and dirty looks can hurt even a tough professional?  Because, deep down,  I am just like every other human… I am vulnerable too!

Insert disclaimer here: Do me a favor and hang with me for this post… I just need to get this off my chest.


I carry my water in glass jars.  Okay, I carry lots of water in my glass jars.  I tend to take about 100 ounces with me to work everyday. Believe me, people have noticed my glass jars that go everywhere with me.  They may be kind of hard to hide–because, let’s be real, a  34 ounce jar is enormous and not easily hidden in a meeting room.   Sometimes they are even filled with a green smoothie, then they are really hard to miss. I have been told that my green smoothies are great for keeping  my team from munching at work.   I guess not everyone thinks it’s normal to drink a green or sometimes deep purple drink.  I am so glad to help my team stay away from sugar filled snacks while I enjoy a super nutrition-packed smoothie.
The looks and comments that were made when I brought in a real knife to cut my apples… I remember them every time you ask to borrow it to cut your apples. Amazing how handy that real knife really is, huh?  (I hope I am not coming off too sassy.)   appleI find it very ironic how you tend to pick apart my life and my efforts to live healthy; while I don’t say a word to you about your choices.  Do you need to make the comments about my food  because I don’t go running to the vending machines for a snack? Instead, daily I bring my fruit, veggies, and my beloved peanut butter hummus. (If you are looking for the recipe… Click: HERE!)  Don’t get me wrong, there are days that I desperately want to break down and buy one of everything in the machine, but I don’t!  It’s my choice. It’s my life… my beliefs, and I want to live a healthy life. Don’t you realize that my healthy lifestyle has helped me fight Lyme’s Disease quickly this summer?  I have only missed a few days of work, like 4 full days and a couple of halves since being diagnosed. Most would have ended up on short term disability…  Instead, I am almost all the way back! Considering it affected my liver and heart functionality, I am feeling pretty blessed!  Seeing the fast results from the Lyme’s recovery only makes me want to continue my healthy lifestyle and improve it even more.

Why do you make faces when I use my toaster oven instead of the microwave?  Thanks to my brother, J, who gave me the oven for my birthday this summer.IMG_7344

(I must be a super nerd if I get excited over a toaster oven!)  Now I can get a warm meal at work without using my little crockpot, or heating it on my running engine.  engineJust kidding about the engine.  I do warm my food in a toaster oven because when you use a microwave it changes your food on a molecular level.  I don’t look at you cross-eyed when you use the microwave so do you really need to make the comments about how I warm my food?


Recently, I changed how I carry everything into work. Because of the weight of the jars and the amount of food I take with me,  I bought a small hiking backpack. One with a waistband, to take the weight off my shoulders…so that my back can get some relief.  I will show it to you later this week.    I am super excited about it, and It’s a super cool blue color!  It also makes my eyes pop!  In all seriousness, my back is really grateful for the new bag.

Okay, every so often I will say something about a co-worker’s cologne or perfume…  I am not perfect, if I were I would be sitting at Jesus’ right hand… but I am not.  So, I guess for now, you will have to put up with me.   I probably should be better and not make a comment. Note to self, no more perfume comments, even when I turn green and want to throw up.  This might be hard, because I have lived fragrance free for over 2 years now and perfumes can make me turn really cool shares of greeeeeen. We can talk about that later. I do use essential oils, and they smell so amazing. They are a great alternative to the chemical filled fragrances common in society.

I am different from your average person…  I know it.  I accept it. In a weird way, I enjoy it!  I hope that by walking what I talk people will start to realize that living a healthy lifestyle is not hard. It’s completely obtainable. You can eat organically without breaking the bank.  It’s why I started this blog to share with you, as a young professional, how easy it is to live a healthy lifestyle.  I used to think that junior high girls were the worst when it came to judgment against each other, but I am beginning to think that professionals are worse.  Maybe I am over-reacting. Maybe I am completely wrong.  All I know is that the comments that others make to me based on my lifestyle is getting old and won’t change my mind. Instead, they strengthen my resolve to continue to live an organic lifestyle.

 Don’t judge me for doing… because I don’t judge you.


Day 19: Awesome Sauce… I mean Awesome Hummus

Peanut Butter + Chocolate Chips + Chick Peas = AWESOME SAUCE.. Okay you might be thinking, peanut butter and hummus? Do they really go together? Answer: YES!

Let me back up a second and give yoe the background. We have an awesome family friend that challenged me to bring healthy sweet stuff to our 4th of July bash. I take sweet challenges seriously, VERY SERIOUSLY. I played around on my favorite food blogs and scoured my computer; until I had a couple of good ideas, I was sure would not disappoint the group. It was on this journey that I found my new favorite recipe.

I believe that this recipe originally comes from Chocolate Covered Katie… if you have not checked out her site, you should. Some of my favorite recipes are from her. I highly recommend the Mushroom Stroganoff. Recipe: HereIMG_7581

Anyway I found this recipe on Veggierettie’s site and like Veggierettie, I am obsessed with it! In fact, as I type this I am sitting in the back of the dually truck as we are heading to brothers lacrosse game, I will be munching on some just as soon.  Well  as I remove the Teague, who is well over 50 lbs. off my lap and the computer.

You should note a few things before I give you the recipe.

  1. I am not a food blogger.
  2. I am not a food photographer, I simply shot these pics off of my iphone.

Alright here is the recipe…



Here is how I make this incredible hummus.

I pit the date and toss them in water so they are just covered. Veggierettie suggests soaking them for at least a half hour. I soaked them overnight the first time I made this hummus. Pick a time frame that works for you.


Open your garbanzo beans can, drain the water and rinse them. Remove the excess water.


Toss in the food processor. Add your peanut butter, vanilla and dates. At this point, I do not add much of the soaking water.



Begin to process the ingredients. I stop several times to mix in the stuff on the sides of the processor.



I add the soaking water to make the consistency how I want it. Once you have the consistency correct, hand mix the chocolate chips in. Veggierettie suggest 2-3 tablespoons, I eyeball it. You can never have too much chocolate in my opinion.



Now comes the hardest part… Putting it in the fridge for a little while to let it sit. I found that it is 1000’s better the next day, but I don’t always have the patience to wait until the next day to start digging in to the sweet treat.

Recommended things to eat with this hummus:

Chips—if I eat chips I try to get the Chia Seeds, Sprouted chips . They are fantastic with this hummus.


Oh did I mention… this treat is HEALHTY?  According to the friend that challenged me to bring some sweet treats to the 4th of July bash, this recipe rocked it!

Okay, so know you have my new favorite HEALTHY, SWEET, recipe… what’s yours?

Grey Clouds and “Colloidal” Silver Linings

I have an eleven year old Great Dane, Nash.


Yes, you read that correctly, Nash is eleven.


Yes, that is really old for a Great Dane.


Yes, he still acts like a puppy and he is doing a great job of raising the newest addition to the family, Teague.


Yes, his paws are huge and leave big muddy prints all over the house.


Yes, his poop piles are big… He is a big dude! No I am not going to show you…What do you expect?

Part human

Yes, he thinks he is part human sitting on the yoga ball.


Yes, he is super cool.


Yes, he sleeps in my bed or should I say I sleep in his bed.


Yes, having a geriatric dog has it’s challenges.

I really could continue the yes statements for a long time because eleven years of adventures with one of the coolest dogs I have ever met, provides you lots of fun stories I could share with you.

Yesterday, I did a line up and washed all four dogs from puppy Teague to old man Nash. When I was massaging the soap into Nash’s coat on his back, he buckled. This caught me off guard. Aches and pains come with age and his back will bother him from time to time. But this was the sorest I have ever seen him. It made my heart hurt a little bit because we never want to see someone we care about hurt. To me, it does not matter if it’s a human or animal that is in my life, I don’t like seeing them in pain.


Our night progressed like normal. We fed the horses. It was a really nice out so I stopped at our fire pit next to the pond and sat down. I was watching the horses head out to the pasture to enjoy the green grass and the dogs were playing in the pond and running like terrors around the yard. I even had to take a very dead, crispy and disgusting frog from the puppy. (He was not happy about loosing his new chew toy but he moved on to playing in the pond) Nash as the King of the Property, sat at my feet watching his kingdom and subjects. We really enjoyed sitting out by the pond together. At one point,  I noticed his breathing was a little hard, but I chalked it up to the fact that it was pretty hot out.

Just after dusk, we all headed inside.

With the title of my blog, Hippie Chick J, you can probably figure out that some… okay a lot of how I live could almost be considered a hippie lifestyle. I love it that way. I love using what God put on our Earth to help heal us naturally and to keep us healthy. I love learning about supporting my body and my animals bodies through natural and organic ways. One staple in our house is colloidal silver. I call this my miracle cure. Colloidal silver helps with all kinds of infections and when you just don’t feel good. When I am not feeling good I take some and the animals are not exempted from this either. In fact, if they are sick and you ask them if they want silver they head to the cabinet that we keep it in and wait for you to get there.

I love my animals, but I draw that love at a certain point.  So, I keep 2 bottles of silver in the house… one for the humans and one for the animals. I am not interested in sharing a dropper of supplements with them.  As we came in from enjoying a wonderful night out, I decided out of precaution that I should give Nash some silver, because he was not acting like himself. Armed with the Dog bottle of silver I showed him the bottle and he perked up. I gave him, three droppers full and he looked at me like that’s it mom? I don’t feel good give me more. I told him to let it work and in a bit I would give him more. He jumped in bed and started to snooze while I cleaned. It’s a dog’s life in this house for sure.

Enjoying some silver

Maybe an hour later, Nash woke up and his breathing was even more distressed than it had been during the day. His balance was way off making him very unsteady on his feet. In older extra large breeds, one of the things that can happen as they age is their body does not communicate well and their back end and front end don’t move in sync. Nash’s body sometimes forgets his back end is there and so he moves goofy or becomes unstable on his feet. Last night was one of those times that his body was not behaving well. At this point, I was starting to get worried about him. I gave him more silver and noticed that his tongue was almost a blue color.

At this point I was getting really concerned. We were sitting on the floor together when I remembered one of my favorite “hippie” things apple cider vinegar. I put some in a shot glass and grabbed a dropper. The first dropper I gave him puckered his lips. I have never seen him give me a look like that or Great Dane’s lips pucker. I was hoping for a miracle at this point. But his breathing was still not normal and he seemed anxious. I was calling out to God, asking him what I could do to make him feel better.

I was sitting on my bed talking to Nash and asking what I could do to make him feel better when he plopped his head in front of the diffuser sitting on my desk. My ears and throat had been bugging me the last couple of days and so I had found a one of the essential oil blends that we keep in the house called Breathe. Before going to sleep the last couple of days, I had run the diffusor with this blend in it and it has helped me feel better. Now Nash, had his head in front of the diffusor and was whining.IMG_6348

What could it hurt? I flipped it on and Nash sat with his face directly in front of the diffusor breathing in the Breathe blend. A few minutes later, he took one big breath, stepped back and jumped in bed. At this point, I would say that he was relaxing and his body started to normalize. I got ready for bed and curled up next to my friend, praying he would feel better.

This morning, I woke up early and tossed the puppy outside to do his business. Nash stayed in bed, barely opening his eyes. I gave him some more silver told the puppy to go back to bed and curled up next to Nash. A couple of hours later, I heard that whine… you know the one from a puppy that screams, “HEY YOU! TIME TO GET UP!” I flew out of bed and tossed the puppy outside. When I came back in, Nash was crawling out of bed. I held my breath, I would know what kind of a day we would have within the first couple of steps. I let out a big sigh, he was pretty steady on his feet.


His first stop was the bookshelves that held the silver. Then we went outside. He trotted around the yard, stopped at the pond and played with the puppy before coming back into the house.  It’s hot out again today, but Nash is doing well.  His balance has been normal, his breathing has been up and down but improved from yesterday.  He has spent some of the day in front of the diffusor, some outside and some in my… wait his bed.

I can’t explain why colloidal silver, apple cider vinegar and essential oil blends work so well. They just do.  I have used them so many times to help myself or the animals feelbetter.  Sometimes I feel like the crazy dad in, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, that loves Windex as his cure all.   My Windex’s are these three powerful healing agents.

I can tell you that I was working on a different post for this week. But when last night took such an interesting twist, I though this would be the perfect time to share how influential and helpful colloidal silver, apple cider vinegar and essential oils are for many different ailments.

Today, I am breathing a sigh of relief… and keeping “My Windex’s” handy.