Hello… old friend glad to see you again!

It’s been a long time since I have seen you.  I am so glad you decided to come back.

To be honest, I have REALLY missed you.

It feels like forever since you have been around.

If you have been stopping by to visit, I have shared some of my journey with Lymes Disease this summer. It’s been a tough summer.  I had plans…

Big plans.

Plans that I had to set aside, so I could get my life back.

Old Plans:
1. I was going to swim several more open water races.
2. Take the horses to shows.
3. Play in a couple of tennis tournaments.
4. Workout daily  okay almost daily.
5. Visit friends.
6. Visit family.
7.Maybe buy a road bike so I could ride with my co-workers at lunchtime.
8. Travel

Instead, this summer, I slept.  I took naps at lunch just to get through the work day.  I spent lots of time taking care of my body so it could heal. I did hot and cold therapy. I took my supplements.  I was beyond strict with what I ate– all to make it easier on my body to heal. I thought about working out, but most days I did not have the energy. That is until now.

So, I am beyond excited! Like jump up and down-dance down the hallway; not caring that I really can’t dance so it’s more of a bounce around; attempt a back flip!

I have worked out 7 out of the last 9 days AND I still feel good… Wait, I feel great!298

I have done Jillian Michaels videos, completed 3 pool workouts, Foundation Training, and even played tennis last night!
I am really starting to feel like the old me.  I still have areas that I want to improve, but I am excited to finally hit this milestone!  Next goal, do a better job of writing and working out!

What in your life has had you down lately? What’s a break through that you have seen with it, even a small victory!

Until the next post,


Pretty Little Packages

I started today pretty excited & happy.  I found a recipe from Young & Raw on facebook recently that I wanted to try.  Iced Green Matcha…. mmm yummy!  I like hot Matcha; so I thought that I would try it cold.  Plus, since I am no longer drinking coffee– I was missing a morning drink. So I thought I would give this drink a try.

I mixed up the recipe quickly, (It’s fast & easy) ,tossed it in my mason jar, and ran out the door to work.

During my 45 minute commute to work, I sipped on my drink– enjoying the fun color. I would say about halfway to work, I realized I had to make an important decision regarding my Matcha.  Down the rest of my drink, so my co-workers would not have to see my green drink or proudly rock the Matcha in a Mason Jar.  I really wanted to sip on my drink and enjoy it most of the morning.  While I debated my predicament, I realized that if I carried my mason jar in, I was sure to get comments and questions. Perfect!  I get to tell people about my awesome healthy drink, my coworkers  already think I am nutty! So why not give people something to talk about and enjoy my crazy healthy drink!

StarbucksAs I approached work, I wondered if my drink was in a Starbucks cup or a cup from a local coffee shop, would they even think twice about it being green? Probably not. But make your drink at home, put it in a mason jar, and you will have their attention.  I mean, they have a drink that looks a lot like mine. Check it out straight from their site: Starbucks Iced Green Tea  Photo from http://so–hi.blogspot.com/2013/05/diy-starbucks-iced-green-tea-latte.html

My decision was made- take it in with me and enjoy it. Heck it looks a lot like the Starbucks version as is.

IMG_0568I was ready to have some fun!  The way I look at it, if people are noticing my green drink– then I can tell them about it. If I can share, people may start to get interested in living a healthier life.  Once someone is interested and is curious, then they might start making an attempt to living a cleaner lifestyle.  Once you start living a cleaner lifestyle, then you realize that it is not hard and might start cleaning up more in their lives.  I love watching someone become interested in nutrition and health!  I am not sure that there is much more that makes me happy.

Anyway, back to this morning.  I pulled into my work, popped my backpack on (which I still owe you a post about 😉 ) and off I went into the building.  I decided to swing through the cafeteria to top off the ice in my drink.  In the cafeteria there were a couple of coworkers and, sure enough, we struck up a conversation about my green drink…………………in a mason jar.

This was great!  I had the opportunity to share with them 2 healthy ideas!  We talked for a minute about how I drink out of glass and why it’s healthy for you AND my healthy green matcha!

Mission accomplished… I was able to share my green drink recipe with another 4 people before I left the cafeteria and more throughout the day.  Overall, I think personally getting the chance to talk with 10 people about my green drink in one day is pretty awesome.  So don’t be afraid to make your own pretty packages or to carry them in public.  You never know when you influence someone to change their life.

So I tip my pretty green glass to you!  I hope that you will try Matcha in a Mason Jar soon! 


I am Habit

Life is one big habit… It can change, evolve, morph– but when you step back and really look, we live by habits. They can be long term habits or short term. We all live by them.

Don’t get me started on how hard it is to change them… 21 days to establish a new one or break an old one! That takes dedication.

I have a habit of staying snuggled in bed, enjoying the cool fall air, and my warm blankets.

I develop new ones and retire old ones.  I have  had a habit called, the “just one” habit but it had to go. This habit was my,  just one cookie now, just one cookie later, just one more… You are smart, you get the picture and can see my waist line growing by the second. This is why the just one habit was retired.

Out with the old bad habit–in with the new healthy one. One habit I am in the process of making a staple in my life is Foundation Training. Have you heard of Foundation Training? Feel free to ask what it is. You (reader), “What’s Foundation Training?” I am so glad you asked! Foundation Training or FT is a workout that strengthens your lower back through a combination of yoga and squats. Sounds weird huh? I thought so too. In fact, the first couple of times I saw it, I thought to myself, “1. That does not look hard. 2. Does that really work? 3. I don’t really need to work on my lower back- or do I?”

Out of curiosity, I tried the FT video found on YouTube, check it out below!  I do the workout that is just shy of 12 minutes.  The first time I tried this training,  I learned a couple of quick hard lessons.

FT11. It may not look hard, but it IS most definitely challenging.
2. It really does work. My lower back had never really experienced that type of concentrated workout. I was expecting to be sore after a workout like that. BUT, I was super surprised to realize I was standing up straighter, and my lower back was not nearly as sore at the end of a workday.
3. Uhm YES dummy- your lower back needs work. In the words of Toby Keith, “I am not as good as I once was.”

Me really enjoying FT Time! –>

Honestly, it did not take me long to realize that I needed to add this healthy habit to my daily schedule. I can tell you that when I do FT in the morning before work, I feel 10 times better throughout the day. I have also noticed that my tennis game has improved. Double bonus. I have even gone to the park on my lunch and done FT. I hope no one was watching me

The day I gave up COFFEE!!!!

IMG_0041I have yet to pull my hair out or gone insane. Well anymore insane than normal. However, I am pretty sure hell might have actually froze over this week because I gave up coffee pretty much cold turkey.  I am the type of person that would live with a coffee mug in hand with plenty of coffee, a little almond milk and stevia.  I am pretty sure that my coffee mug was my adult security blanket. I have to admit that it’s been a little freeing not carrying it with me everywhere.

I am not even sure how my body decided it wanted to give up coffee, but it did!  All I know is that while doing the “Green Smoothie Girl’s” detox program last month, I was not refilling my coffee cup like normal. Some days I was not even finishing the original coffee I started with in the morning. During a visit, my boyfriend went old school mom on me and checked my temperature on my forehead when I dumped coffee out of my mug. Yes, it was the original coffee from the morning.  I promised him that I was okay. I filled up my mug the next morning and still could not finish it. This happened for about a week.

Then three days ago, I took one sip of my coffee on my way to work  and found my mug full under the backseat of my car when I got home later that night. Thank God the lid stayed closed. Although a car that smells like coffee would not be the worst thing in the world.

Friday, I did not even take my mug in with me. It sat empty and lonely in the car.


I can tell you it’s really weird to wake up and not crave coffee.

I will be honest… I am not sure how long I will be 100% coffee free… I really enjoy the taste but I know that my coffee consumption was not healthy.

Here are a couple of reasons that I am okay with not drinking coffee.
* Coffee is acidic and I want to keep my body alkalized to help prevent cancer growing. So I will probably be coffee free for a while.
* Coffee stains your teeth… and a white smile is more attractive than a yellow smile.
* Coffee breath smells. Let’s be real… after drinking coffee we have all looked for gum or mouthwash!

Last night, before my sister’s college volleyball match I missed an iced coffee for a minute, but then realized, I was going to live without it.

So here is to living coffee free… or freer.

What’s one thing you want to give up?  I would love to hear what it is and what your game plan is to make it happen 🙂

Ps. I found the cup of coffee picture one day on Facebook and it sums up well how I have lived my life the last couple of years. I have had this pic saved on my computer for months.  Now I need to find that picture with the empty cup.


Chilling on the couch…

Today I hurt.

It’s not normal for me to share openly that I am not 100% okay. I am just stuck on the couch sick and feeling like a 5 year old that is cranky and crabby.

I shared with about a month ago that I was diagnosed with Lymes Disease earlier this summer and despite being religious with my supplements; a fanatic about the food I am eating; and making sure my body rests–today is a down day. Yesterday was a great day. Mentally I felt great, and physically was a pretty good day too. But this morning, it was like a switch flipped. My whole body aches, my head is pounding and staying awake is a challenge.

Idk about you, but when I hit a wall like today and I am extremely mentally fatigued, and the frustration of not getting better results faster makes me want to drown my sorrows with a chocolate, gooey brownie. Oh, or I could totally go for spinach pie from my favorite local Mediterranean restaurant, Zingo’s. Chinese food sounds pretty good right about now. BUT! (Yes it’s an all caps kind of BUT). If I break down and eat anything not on the meal plan I will not only undo all the good work that I have been building on but I will probably feel even worse.

So instead of breaking down and falling off my healthy bandwagon I will stay strong and if I eat, it will be foods
I am supposed to eat. I will continue with the liver detox program because I DO see results and I am winning overall. I guess I am pretty fortunate that leaving the couch today does not seem to be happening. This will definitely keep me away from Chinese food, chocolate brownie and Zingos… None of which are in my house at this time 🙂

When do you feel closest to giving up? What do you do to keep yourself away from temptations when you don’t feel good?  Currently, I am curled up on a couch counting my blessings and listening to the bugs chirp in the woods by the house.  I live in the county and its pretty cool to just sit and listen.

Day 19: Awesome Sauce… I mean Awesome Hummus

Peanut Butter + Chocolate Chips + Chick Peas = AWESOME SAUCE.. Okay you might be thinking, peanut butter and hummus? Do they really go together? Answer: YES!

Let me back up a second and give yoe the background. We have an awesome family friend that challenged me to bring healthy sweet stuff to our 4th of July bash. I take sweet challenges seriously, VERY SERIOUSLY. I played around on my favorite food blogs and scoured my computer; until I had a couple of good ideas, I was sure would not disappoint the group. It was on this journey that I found my new favorite recipe.

I believe that this recipe originally comes from Chocolate Covered Katie… if you have not checked out her site, you should. Some of my favorite recipes are from her. I highly recommend the Mushroom Stroganoff. Recipe: HereIMG_7581

Anyway I found this recipe on Veggierettie’s site and like Veggierettie, I am obsessed with it! In fact, as I type this I am sitting in the back of the dually truck as we are heading to brothers lacrosse game, I will be munching on some just as soon.  Well  as I remove the Teague, who is well over 50 lbs. off my lap and the computer.

You should note a few things before I give you the recipe.

  1. I am not a food blogger.
  2. I am not a food photographer, I simply shot these pics off of my iphone.

Alright here is the recipe…



Here is how I make this incredible hummus.

I pit the date and toss them in water so they are just covered. Veggierettie suggests soaking them for at least a half hour. I soaked them overnight the first time I made this hummus. Pick a time frame that works for you.


Open your garbanzo beans can, drain the water and rinse them. Remove the excess water.


Toss in the food processor. Add your peanut butter, vanilla and dates. At this point, I do not add much of the soaking water.



Begin to process the ingredients. I stop several times to mix in the stuff on the sides of the processor.



I add the soaking water to make the consistency how I want it. Once you have the consistency correct, hand mix the chocolate chips in. Veggierettie suggest 2-3 tablespoons, I eyeball it. You can never have too much chocolate in my opinion.



Now comes the hardest part… Putting it in the fridge for a little while to let it sit. I found that it is 1000’s better the next day, but I don’t always have the patience to wait until the next day to start digging in to the sweet treat.

Recommended things to eat with this hummus:

Chips—if I eat chips I try to get the Chia Seeds, Sprouted chips . They are fantastic with this hummus.


Oh did I mention… this treat is HEALHTY?  According to the friend that challenged me to bring some sweet treats to the 4th of July bash, this recipe rocked it!

Okay, so know you have my new favorite HEALTHY, SWEET, recipe… what’s yours?

Skinny Does Not Mean Healthy- Day 14

Today’s theme is vulnerable, most people feel vulnerable when you see them without makeup. I have a friend that won’t answer the phone without putting on her makeup. Others feel exposed in sweat pants, or with out of control hair. I am not most people… most days you can catch me without makeup, in sweats during or after a workout and my hair lives out of control if I don’t straighten it.  Today, I want to be vulnerable with you… I am going to let you into a personal look at a challenging time in my life.

Recently, I dropped into a co-workers office to share some news and her response to my news was “I guess Skinny does not mean healthy…”Skinny Girl

That was a statement I had to choke down the other day after sharing with my co-worker that I have Lyme’s Disease. I love my co-worker but that statement hit me like a ton of bricks… I mean, the word disease is not really all warm and fluffy! It’s definitely not a word that I want to use to describe a time in my life. Hey, I don’t even want to admit that I have a disease. I felt like I had sewn a scarlet A on my chest. No matter how hard I tried to deny it, my body would not let me reject this new title. But when I let that thought settle, I realized it was true. Skinny does not mean healthy. I am not the skinniest girl alive or even the skinniest I have ever been, but I am not my healthiest either. I am however fighting a new, unexpected battle.

Let me back up a little here, I was excited for this summer to be full of great workouts, healthy food, lots of wakeboarding, riding the horses, hanging out with friends, open water swims (I had my eye on 3 more states for the summer) and a GREAT tennis season.  What I did not expect was to put all of this on hold to let my body heal. Several weeks ago, I was debating whether or not to play a tennis match. I had strained my elbow, and it was feeling “iffy” at the time. Then,x there was the pesky rash that was extending down my arm. But I am tough—I decided to play.

Warming up, my arm felt pretty good. I had applied Kineseo tape to my arm to help support it. I started to notice that I was just a little bit of off my normal game. Everyone goes through days where you just don’t play your best, but it’s my job to figure out a way to pull myself together and play well.  I could not quite place what was wrong. I chalked it up to the heat, drank some more water and stepped onto the court. Mentally, I was feeling pretty good. The court I was playing on and I had some good mojo going from the previous season. This is the court that I had beaten a very strong player on last year in a tough mental match; 6-4, 6-4. Generally, scores like that reflect just a slight mental edge.  We started our match, and no matter what I tried I felt like the normal me had checked out. Replaced by a robot.

As the match progressed, I had trouble reading the ball (knowing where it was going when my opponent hit it). I felt like my legs weighed IMG_7144100lbs. each. I knew what the score was, but when I called it out, different numbers came out of my mouth. I was starting to get concerned. On change-over (every two games we switch which side of the court we play on), I ate most of an apple and a couple of prunes; hoping my blood sugar was low and that the normal me would soon return. No such luck. My vision did not return, and I was beginning to get scared because I did not understand what was going on. I got really concerned when I tossed the ball and forgot what I was supposed to do. The match was over in what seemed like a blink of an eye. I crawled off the court and called for my family to come pick me up. I was afraid to try to drive, thinking that I would not be able to control the car.

As I waited for a ride, I started to panic and called a friend to keep me calm until the cavalry arrived. Thankfully, my dad and brother were around the corner. My brother packed my bag that I left open on the court and carried it out to the car. On the drive home, I reached out to several Naturopathic doctors asking for things I could do to help me feel better. Once home, I showered; I took a handful of vitamin C; and I curled up in bed.

The rash on my arm

The next day was spent working with a great team, figuring out what all was going on in my body. By mid-day the Naturopaths felt pretty certain it was Lymes. In the middle of that pesky rash, we saw the bullet hole (the bite mark). All I could think, SERIOUSLY…I… have Lymes? And oh wait it gets better! My digestive track was not absorbing the proper nutrients I was putting in it; my heart and liver were stressed! Time to make a game plan to get better. In case you are not familiar with Lymes, it is a disease that one can get from ticks or mosquitos.

According to WebMD the symptoms of Lymes include: “In the early stages of Lyme disease, you may experience flu-like symptoms that can include a stiff neck, chills, fever, swollen lymph nodes, headaches, fatigue, muscle aches, and joint pain. You also may experience a large, expanding skin rash around the area of the tick bite. In more advanced disease, nerve problems and arthritis, especially in the knees, may occur. […]Heart problems. Fewer than one out of 10 Lyme disease patients develops heart problems[..]Other symptoms. and severe fatigue, although none of these problems is likely to appear without other Lyme disease symptoms being present.”

I left the clinic armed with supplements to take and an eating plan to stick to. I feel like standing on the rooftop, and telling everyone that I am so grateful to have a great support system of people in my life that will help dig in and get my body back to functioning at its best.

This past month has pushed me to grow more than I thought possible. One of the scariest and biggest symptoms that I have been experiencing is mental fogginess. Strike that, it’s more than mental fogginess. There have been times over the last month that I could not get the words from my brain to come out of my mouth. Or, I have been known to say things that don’t make sense. These are the moments that can scar the crap out of anyone! These moments have earned me a new nickname at work, “Lymie.” One day, I was reviewing my PowerPoint slides & presentation that I was to deliver the next day to the international finance department for my company with my boss. I was staring at the screen and unable to deliver my well prepared speech. A little more than a scary feeling… My boss and I made a game plan, just in case I was not feeling well the next day; I went home for extra sleep.  God was awesome, the next day I had a mentally clear day and presented my speech without incident.


259No one expects to be sidelined. I certainly was not expecting my summer to be a slower paced summer. I have stuck to the game plan that docs laid out that day. I have been good with my supplements, great with my eating, and have made more than a conscious effort to take care of my body so it can heal. It’s been over a month since the tennis match night and I am finally beginning to work out again.  I even was able take a run on the wakeboard…Yay! If all goes well, I will play my first match in 5+ weeks on Thursday.

Thank you for letting me be vulnerable with you. I may not be standing in front of you without make up on, but to me letting you see a little bit of my crazy month is a lot more intimidating.


It’s My Birthday Month & I am Challenging Myself… Ready, Set, Go!

BirthdayOne, it’s  my birthday month!
Two, I very rarely make a big deal about my birthday, let alone my birthday month but… I think this year will be different While exploring yesterday, I found a great challenge post by another blogger, Mariama on her fantastic blog: this is my m{dot}.  It just so happens that she and I share something pretty unique… Wait for it,  our BIRTHDAYS.  In less than two weeks, we will be celebrating the beginning of year 29 of our fabulous lives. Next year for me it might be the first anniversary of my 29th birthday, but I will make that call later.
Three, I am going to join the challenge and post everyday of my birthday month.
Four, some of my topics may be different that Mariama BUT my goal is to post everyday.
Five, Let’s have some fun with this and would LOVE it if you joined me too!

See I already have this list thing down 😉

So since I have had less than 24 hours to contemplate this, you might want to hang on for the ride 🙂

Check out  Mariama’s  Full List:

I am changing up day one a little bit… So here I go!  Day 1!

ME in 250 Words or Less… but Likely More:


I <3 Jesus & try to glorify him in all that I do.
I am the oldest of five kids!IMG_6356 I am the shortest in the family.
We were raised in a house where mom & dad encouraged us to throw the ball INSIDE… never a dull moment.
Maybe that’s how they ended up with 5 athletes. (We have all played collegiate sports)
I was fortunate enough to play tennis & swim for Hillsdale College.
WE (the family) are fans of THE OHIO STATE BUCKEYES! GO BUCKS!
I love being active.
I still play Tennis! My favorite all time players are: Andre Agassi & Lindsay Davenport.
I still swim, but I am enjoying the open water races more… see my first post Hola!
I ride & show horses. Louie is at the trainer & I am excited to get to ride him for the first time soon!LouieI <3 my pets.  I have an 11 year old Great Dane, Nash & 3 month old Teague (aren’t they cute).

Top: Nash & Teague

 I <3 the water!  I don’t care if I am on the boat, wakeboarding,  near a body of water or swimming a race… I am a happy girl when near the it.
I am goal oriented & driven.
Traveling & Exploring makes me happy. It’s a great excuse to see friends around the country… (Note to self, need to visit friends out of the country soon). Recently, I hiked the Kalalua Trail on Kauai!  It was fantastic.

Kalalua Trail hiking out

I am a country girl that loves to wear dresses.
Driving a diesel, F-350 4×4 is a lot of fun.
Shooting guns is fun… notice the siblings pic 😉
I have a big heart.
My favorite color is blue… but not michigan blue.
Studying health & wellness is a huge passion of mine.
I eat like a rabbit… mainly plant based but I am flexible because we can’t control everything… no matter how hard I try.
Most of the time I have a hair tie on my left wrist.
I am a klutz,  if I can get injured doing something, I probably will
I am a self proclaimed NERD & I am okay with it.

1197 I am pretty much a hippie living in a professional world.

Okay I have way surpassed 250 words & have given you a great peak into me… so until tomorrow friends.

Thanks again Mariama this is a great idea!  Cheers to 29!


Grey Clouds and “Colloidal” Silver Linings

I have an eleven year old Great Dane, Nash.


Yes, you read that correctly, Nash is eleven.


Yes, that is really old for a Great Dane.


Yes, he still acts like a puppy and he is doing a great job of raising the newest addition to the family, Teague.


Yes, his paws are huge and leave big muddy prints all over the house.


Yes, his poop piles are big… He is a big dude! No I am not going to show you…What do you expect?

Part human

Yes, he thinks he is part human sitting on the yoga ball.


Yes, he is super cool.


Yes, he sleeps in my bed or should I say I sleep in his bed.


Yes, having a geriatric dog has it’s challenges.

I really could continue the yes statements for a long time because eleven years of adventures with one of the coolest dogs I have ever met, provides you lots of fun stories I could share with you.

Yesterday, I did a line up and washed all four dogs from puppy Teague to old man Nash. When I was massaging the soap into Nash’s coat on his back, he buckled. This caught me off guard. Aches and pains come with age and his back will bother him from time to time. But this was the sorest I have ever seen him. It made my heart hurt a little bit because we never want to see someone we care about hurt. To me, it does not matter if it’s a human or animal that is in my life, I don’t like seeing them in pain.


Our night progressed like normal. We fed the horses. It was a really nice out so I stopped at our fire pit next to the pond and sat down. I was watching the horses head out to the pasture to enjoy the green grass and the dogs were playing in the pond and running like terrors around the yard. I even had to take a very dead, crispy and disgusting frog from the puppy. (He was not happy about loosing his new chew toy but he moved on to playing in the pond) Nash as the King of the Property, sat at my feet watching his kingdom and subjects. We really enjoyed sitting out by the pond together. At one point,  I noticed his breathing was a little hard, but I chalked it up to the fact that it was pretty hot out.

Just after dusk, we all headed inside.

With the title of my blog, Hippie Chick J, you can probably figure out that some… okay a lot of how I live could almost be considered a hippie lifestyle. I love it that way. I love using what God put on our Earth to help heal us naturally and to keep us healthy. I love learning about supporting my body and my animals bodies through natural and organic ways. One staple in our house is colloidal silver. I call this my miracle cure. Colloidal silver helps with all kinds of infections and when you just don’t feel good. When I am not feeling good I take some and the animals are not exempted from this either. In fact, if they are sick and you ask them if they want silver they head to the cabinet that we keep it in and wait for you to get there.

I love my animals, but I draw that love at a certain point.  So, I keep 2 bottles of silver in the house… one for the humans and one for the animals. I am not interested in sharing a dropper of supplements with them.  As we came in from enjoying a wonderful night out, I decided out of precaution that I should give Nash some silver, because he was not acting like himself. Armed with the Dog bottle of silver I showed him the bottle and he perked up. I gave him, three droppers full and he looked at me like that’s it mom? I don’t feel good give me more. I told him to let it work and in a bit I would give him more. He jumped in bed and started to snooze while I cleaned. It’s a dog’s life in this house for sure.

Enjoying some silver

Maybe an hour later, Nash woke up and his breathing was even more distressed than it had been during the day. His balance was way off making him very unsteady on his feet. In older extra large breeds, one of the things that can happen as they age is their body does not communicate well and their back end and front end don’t move in sync. Nash’s body sometimes forgets his back end is there and so he moves goofy or becomes unstable on his feet. Last night was one of those times that his body was not behaving well. At this point, I was starting to get worried about him. I gave him more silver and noticed that his tongue was almost a blue color.

At this point I was getting really concerned. We were sitting on the floor together when I remembered one of my favorite “hippie” things apple cider vinegar. I put some in a shot glass and grabbed a dropper. The first dropper I gave him puckered his lips. I have never seen him give me a look like that or Great Dane’s lips pucker. I was hoping for a miracle at this point. But his breathing was still not normal and he seemed anxious. I was calling out to God, asking him what I could do to make him feel better.

I was sitting on my bed talking to Nash and asking what I could do to make him feel better when he plopped his head in front of the diffuser sitting on my desk. My ears and throat had been bugging me the last couple of days and so I had found a one of the essential oil blends that we keep in the house called Breathe. Before going to sleep the last couple of days, I had run the diffusor with this blend in it and it has helped me feel better. Now Nash, had his head in front of the diffusor and was whining.IMG_6348

What could it hurt? I flipped it on and Nash sat with his face directly in front of the diffusor breathing in the Breathe blend. A few minutes later, he took one big breath, stepped back and jumped in bed. At this point, I would say that he was relaxing and his body started to normalize. I got ready for bed and curled up next to my friend, praying he would feel better.

This morning, I woke up early and tossed the puppy outside to do his business. Nash stayed in bed, barely opening his eyes. I gave him some more silver told the puppy to go back to bed and curled up next to Nash. A couple of hours later, I heard that whine… you know the one from a puppy that screams, “HEY YOU! TIME TO GET UP!” I flew out of bed and tossed the puppy outside. When I came back in, Nash was crawling out of bed. I held my breath, I would know what kind of a day we would have within the first couple of steps. I let out a big sigh, he was pretty steady on his feet.


His first stop was the bookshelves that held the silver. Then we went outside. He trotted around the yard, stopped at the pond and played with the puppy before coming back into the house.  It’s hot out again today, but Nash is doing well.  His balance has been normal, his breathing has been up and down but improved from yesterday.  He has spent some of the day in front of the diffusor, some outside and some in my… wait his bed.

I can’t explain why colloidal silver, apple cider vinegar and essential oil blends work so well. They just do.  I have used them so many times to help myself or the animals feelbetter.  Sometimes I feel like the crazy dad in, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, that loves Windex as his cure all.   My Windex’s are these three powerful healing agents.

I can tell you that I was working on a different post for this week. But when last night took such an interesting twist, I though this would be the perfect time to share how influential and helpful colloidal silver, apple cider vinegar and essential oils are for many different ailments.

Today, I am breathing a sigh of relief… and keeping “My Windex’s” handy.