Salad minus lettuce?

Is that even possible or REAL?

Sure why not?  I mean, who really makes the rules and aren’t some meant to be bent?

Have you ever had a day when you pack a salad for lunch and the salad sounds good?  Well it sounds good when you pack it, but as the day goes on it sounds less appealing? esp the spinach part. I mean, a big pile of veggies and beans is still a salad right?

Today is one of those days for me.

Sitting in the fridge is a wonderful green smoothie.  Ingredients include: SPINACH, blueberries, strawberries and a banana.  Part of it was my breakfast and the rest will be my snack later. So when lunch rolled around, I was planning on eating a salad. (I am really working on fueling my body with the nutrients it needs.) I piled a large stack of veggies from our cafeteria on a plate and sat down at my desk and took a bite before adding the spinach.

In the words of a great co-worker, it tasted good, really, really good.


I tore up my spinach and started to mix it in.

Took a bit.


Decided– I liked my salad without the spinach.  I did not even want dressing either.

Started picking out the lettuce.

Took another bite… better.

Removed 90% of the spinach… even better.


My spinach sat in a pile… discarded.  I may return to it later– or maybe I will drink my smoothie and call it good!

So yes, today I ate a salad minus one key ingredient. Sometimes you just have to go with how your body is feeling and what sounds good.

Some days, a salad minus the spinach is better.  Do you ever have days that a salad minus the spinach or lettuce tastes better?

I challenge you to enjoy the day and be ready to think out of the box when it comes to your food.  Make a salad minus the lettuce.  Forget a key ingredient and see where life takes you!

Day 28. Smoke signals and soup

I love to cook, bake, and grill. I have made some master pieces and some flops. No matter what happens in my kitchen I normally enjoy it! Worst case scenario, Chipotle should be open if I make something that is not edible. But that has only happened one or two times in my life.

How can I pick a favorite appliance when each has a great purpose? The grill? I perfected sending smoke signals from my childhood grill. That’s super fun. The stove? I can make a mean blacked skillet. The oven? That ones pretty boring? The juicer? I can dye things all kinds of great colors! Juicing beets is a great way to finish off a gory Halloween costume. The blender? What a great way to explain a volcano and a tornado in one piece! Hmmm so may great choices.

The piece that I love the most is probably my most versatile piece and that’s my food processor. I used to think food processors were for house moms. I was soooo wrong they are for everyone! Including this hippie!!!!!

I love using it to make soap, make cookie dough, make soup, date bars… Hmmm I wonder if I make date bars if I can get a date with Prince Charming? Sorry bad pun. Anyway, today I choose my food processor. I its a newer addition to my kitchen. But it is one of the more used pieces.

What’s your favorite kitchen piece?