Teague’s Tales

Hi I am Teague!  My human is the creator of this blog and she graciously offered to be my ghost writer… Heck let’s be honest, she is the one with opposable thumbs and can type, so I guess she will do.

Snow Teague

Anyway. I am a 2014 model.

I love visiting with people and meeting new friends.

I love snuggling with my teddy or with you.  It makes no difference to me.

2015 425





I snore… well my humans say I snore, but I don’t believe them.

They say I sleep like a ninja.


When I get excited, my tail wags in a full circle… sometimes it stops and changes direction.  My human’s tend to call me their, “Wind Up Dog”.  I don’t get it.

I go almost everywhere with them, which means, “I GET TO TRAVEL!”

I love coconut oil.

I love coconut oil with lavender oil mixed in.  I have been known to binge eat it.

I am a thief… okay hold on a minute. Not a bad one, I like to permanently borrow my neighbor’s Teddy’s.  Mom even let me keep my favorite one, but insists on returning the others.

I was a pretty cute pup… if I do say so myself 😉


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