Just a few changes

It’s the beginning of the new year, which means we are surrounded by New Year’s Resolutions and fresh starts. I am not big on New Year’s Resolutions, but I am a fan of new beginnings.  Especially after last year.  You know that saying, “You want to make God laugh? Tell him about your plans…”  I did just that.  I guess a better way to say was last year, I was doing that, telling God my plans and He laughed.

Not only did He laugh, but He changed rewrote my plans in a HUGE way.

Last year, I planned to swim open water races in 5 different states; show my horse at several shows; play lots of tennis; spend lots of time at the cottage; wakeboard several times a week.

What did I do?

Well not much of that.

I spent time with God… not in ways I expected.  I am normally BEYOND BUSY… but last year, I rested. I spent lots off time at the doctor. I focused on getting my body to heal and enjoying life.

So this year, I am not making a resolution or even a plan BUT… I am making goals.

Goals like:

  1. Continue to work on improving my health.
  2. Grow in my relationship with God.
  3. Show my family I love them and support them.
  4. Give my all at work.
  5. Consistently post here.
  6. Show Louie at a couple of shows.
  7. Swim in a couple of open water races.
  8. Buy a road bike.  I rode with some of my co-workers 2 summers ago and loved it!  I was too sick this year to ride.
  9. Read more– this I miss, so I will carve out time to enjoy some quality reading time.
  10. Enjoy the year!

I like the idea of goals because you can adjust them.  If this year has the same challenges as last year, then I can adjust my goals.  So here is to a new year that is already in full swing– Let’s make it great!
Ps.  please be patient as I have moved the blog to a new platform and working on setting it up 😉

pps.  thanks to aikidoofcharlotte.com for the pic.



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