Family Yoga… Toes!

In the last several months, part of my absence was due to life changes. I married the man God put on this Earth for me, remember I mentioned a good thing starting last summer?  It was not only the start of a good thing but the beginning of a lifetime adventure! Needless to say, I was a little busy with wedding planning, and then I moved.  Not just across town or down the road, but 600 miles from home.

Anyway, enough about my life changes.

I would have to say one of my favorite things that my husband and I do together… drum roll please: is Yoga Toes!IMG_2579  It’s a little nerdy but we both love it!

I am sure that you may be asking what are Yoga Toes?  Let me tell you about these amazing things!

These goofy looking gel things are probably one of my favorite purchases ever!

Almost every night, or day– I kick my feet up, get my little piggies situated in my yoga toes and relax.

Let me be honest, I have some seriously wonky feet.  I even spent time in physical therapy in my teens because of them. They are wide and flat with a high instep.  Don’t they sound so cute?  Starting middle of this past summer, a pain developed in my left foot in the joint under my pinky toe.  I am not one to go running to the doctors for anything, but I did break down and get x-rays done to make sure I did not break anything.  Good news– no broken bones in my foot 🙂  Bad news– because of my seriously flat feet I was stressing the joint and therefor creating the pain 🙁 My doctor showed me how to tape my foot so I would be in less pain, and my foot would be supported to eliminate some pain.

Taping my foot helped, but let’s be real, it has to be re-taped every couple of days.  It gets old fast– REALLY FAST!

Yoga ToesSo after we settled into our house, I ordered in a set of Yoga Toes.  Unfortunately for me, I ordered in a pair that was 2 sizes too big, but they were perfect for my husband!  So, back to amazon for me.  This time I made sure I ordered the right size, not based on the color of the Yoga Toes.  I might lean more towards blue when I am buying things, which is how I ended up with Yoga Toes that fit my husband.  Purple isn’t necessarily my go to color, but that’s what I ended up with.

Often after dinner we camp out on a couch with our respective Yoga Toes and enjoy a little relaxation time.  Normally just 20 minutes of wearing the Toes and my feet feel amazing and the pain in my left foot is almost nonexistent.

You might be asking yourself, what do these Yoga Toes actually do, and are they worth it?  Simple answer to question 2:  YES!

Yoga Toes and T

Okay, now for question 1:  They help realign your toes and put them back to where God intended them.  You see, shoving our feet into those super cute shoes will have ramifications to our lovely feet that we did not see coming when the shoes called to us in the store.
Do your feet hurt you?

Do they ache?

Yoga toes might be something for you to check out.

In case you have yet to figure it out, the Yoga Toes I have are pretty much amazing!  They have provided my poor feet some great relief and actually get me to slow down and relax, which is a good thing according to my doctor 😉  Oh and even better, I get some quality time with the hubby!
Here is an example of what I bought: IMG_2578

Hello… old friend glad to see you again!

It’s been a long time since I have seen you.  I am so glad you decided to come back.

To be honest, I have REALLY missed you.

It feels like forever since you have been around.

If you have been stopping by to visit, I have shared some of my journey with Lymes Disease this summer. It’s been a tough summer.  I had plans…

Big plans.

Plans that I had to set aside, so I could get my life back.

Old Plans:
1. I was going to swim several more open water races.
2. Take the horses to shows.
3. Play in a couple of tennis tournaments.
4. Workout daily  okay almost daily.
5. Visit friends.
6. Visit family.
7.Maybe buy a road bike so I could ride with my co-workers at lunchtime.
8. Travel

Instead, this summer, I slept.  I took naps at lunch just to get through the work day.  I spent lots of time taking care of my body so it could heal. I did hot and cold therapy. I took my supplements.  I was beyond strict with what I ate– all to make it easier on my body to heal. I thought about working out, but most days I did not have the energy. That is until now.

So, I am beyond excited! Like jump up and down-dance down the hallway; not caring that I really can’t dance so it’s more of a bounce around; attempt a back flip!

I have worked out 7 out of the last 9 days AND I still feel good… Wait, I feel great!298

I have done Jillian Michaels videos, completed 3 pool workouts, Foundation Training, and even played tennis last night!
I am really starting to feel like the old me.  I still have areas that I want to improve, but I am excited to finally hit this milestone!  Next goal, do a better job of writing and working out!

What in your life has had you down lately? What’s a break through that you have seen with it, even a small victory!

Until the next post,


OSU…’Nough Said-Day 15

Hey All,

So today I am super tired… just feeling run down.   I think that yesterday’s post (insert shameless plug here), Skinny Does Not Mean Healthy, took a lot out of me.  So today is going to be super short.

My favorite sport to watch is Football… I mean good old-fashioned,  American Football.  I am pretty selective on my teams too…  In fact, I think that there is really only one team to cheer for, and that is The Ohio State University!  I really am pretty sure that I should not have to elaborate on this one. “GO BUCKS!” I may be counting down the days until the first game.

Life really does not get any better than watching or listening to The Buckeyes in the fall… except when I am getting to watch one of my siblings play their sports.  Soon, the baby of the family will be starting her collegiate volleyball career.  I can’t tell you how excited I am for the start of her season! I am equally excited for the baby boy in the family to start his second season as a lacrosse player for his college.

So to sum it up… Family sports first… then MY BUCKEYES!

Photo from:

Day 6: Breakfast at Wimbledon

A few days ago, I told you the 4th of July weekend was one of my favorite weekends.  I spend the weekend at my grandparents cottage surrounded by family and friends.  One of my favorite things about the cottage is that when you are there, you are basically off grid. The other big highlight of the weekend is the finals for Wimbledon.  In honor of the dress code at the All English Club, I have been known to rock an all white outfit during the tournament on the last workday of the week. One of the last,  but best parts of the weekend is getting updates on the men’s finals at Wimbledon.

Until a few years ago, I was able to catch most of the finals… well at least some of it on TV. But the age of digital TV changed how I get to watch one of my favorite sporting events.  Until recently. the TV in the cottage was a wedding present of my parents.   It’s been upgraded but we still don’t have cable or a TV that will pick up the new digital stations.

Thank God for smart phones and aps that are available today!Lake

I may have not been able to watch on of my favorite finals… at least I could lay out in the sun next to the lake and get point by point updates!

See you tomorrow and I hope your 4th of July Celebrations were fun, safe and patriotic!

Ps. the next time that I decide to challenge myself with posting everyday in a month and I leave for the cottage… I am going to make sure that I have my posts written before I leave. 🙂




What I Retired?!?! I am only 28? Whats NEXT?

When I introduced you to this blog, I told you we would be covering my journey to swimming an open water race in all 50 states along with hitting topics that are important to me.  This falls in the important category.  Ps a lot of the stuff I plan to write about is center on healthy living styles for the professional, especially because living healthy is important but there is also so much more to life.

My Last Signed Judges Card
Signed last placing card

Yesterday was a very nostalgic day that I want to share it with you. I judged my last horse show. I retired! Along with the emotions that I expected to feel I had the unexpected realization that I was standing in the arena where I judged my very first horse show. I started and ended my horse judging career in the same arena. This was something I did not plan on and it did not occur to me until I was about half way through the show. In fact, the decision to give up judging was made with a heavy heart but we will get to that later, now let’s focus on the beginning. You see, 7 years ago as a nervous beginner judge, I took my sister along with me to work as a ring steward in the arena.   I judged my first horse show for the Ohio Quarter Pony Association at Putnam County Fairgrounds with my sister standing next to me the whole time. On June 14, 2014 at 11:00 pm, I signed my last judges card there too this time with my sister over a hundred miles away.  Although, she did send me a text wishing she could be there with me.   I love God’s sense of humor, to bring me back to the arena that I started in to say goodbye to judging. It just so happens to be with some of my favorite showmen.

Between classes yesterday, I found myself thinking about that first day judging. I asked my sister to come to my first show and be my ring steward, keep me calm, and stop me from making a fool of myself. I expected her to just be there with me like a confidant, what I did not expect to happen was to have so much fun that day. One of my favorite judging memories comes from this first show. My sister kept everyone smiling and laughing in what is usually serious atmosphere with almost no effort. During classes either the judge or the ring steward (judges helper) tend to use hand signals to tell the announcers booth that the contestants need to change their speed, direction, or line up. One of the times I requested a speed change from the contestants, I heard the microphone click on, a 1/2 giggle 1/2 snort came across the PA. I look up at the announcers stand and they are pointing to my crazy sister. Now instead of doing the normal hand signals, my sister added a little extra spice to it. The best way I can describe what I saw to you was that my sister did a mix between baseball signals, the cha-cha and the hand-jive. I look over and my sister is dusting off one shoulder then the next, doing the hitchhike sign over each shoulder. It reminded me of the hand-jive from Grease. I started to laugh too. I knew with her around that day everything was going to be okay. At the very minimum, she would keep us laughing! Having a great first show experience made me look forward to the next one.

Selfie with Arena
I am not normally a selfie type of girl but it was that kind of day

Over the years, I have visited Putnam County Fairgrounds for different types of horse shows and each time I enjoy being there. I have watched adorable walk-trotters (beginners) and Pewees grow into strong riders. Several of the youth that were at the show yesterday were 5-6 years old at the first show and now they tower over me at almost 6 feet tall! I feel like the “cool” aunt that visits once a year. Each visit is unique and I know that I am able to help a young aspiring rider improve or polish their skills. Myself, I fell in love with horseback riding and showing at a young age.  There were several judges that really influenced my show career and encouraged me to push myself to improve.  I have enjoyed the last seven years giving back to the Ohio 4-H community.

Okay, I think you have guessed it, I REALLY LOVE judging horse shows and you are probably wondering why I am retiring.   I will admit I am a little young to retire from something that I love to do and the entire idea of retiring as a judge has been a little overwhelming. Overall, the summer of 2014 has been one of changes. You will get to meet one of the summer changes/additions in a post soon. (This addition to my life hits a new level of adorable.) Now the reason I am turning in my judges card. I want to start showing again myself and the American Quarter Horse Association does not allow someone to be a paid judge and show in the amateur division.  The classes that I want to show are only offered in the Amateur division. I have a really cool gelding that is getting trained and I am looking forward to showing again myself.  I have to have a three year quiet period to apply for my amateur card so that I can show in the classes that I like at Quarter Horse sanctioned shows.  So in reality, I may be ending one of my favorite chapters in my life… I am opening the doors for a new one. I am hanging up my judging hat and retiring my well worn out boots to return as a competitor.

Here are a few of my favorite shots from the day… be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom (there is more here:)

My Judges hat with the sun setting in the background.


I caught the sun setting on my hat during the last show

 I guess it’s time to retire the boots too

These boots were made for walking... and that's just what they did. They walked all over so many arenas!
These boots were made for walking… and that’s just what they did. They walked all over so many arenas!

 There is nothing better than watching some contesting and drinking some coffee!

mmm coffee & a little sand


 Before we part ways until the next time, I want to thank all the showmen that entered my arena!  Every show I judged, I learned something new.  I have been told that I have helped many kids become better showman but I have a secret: You guys taught me more!  From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!!!!! Keep up the good work and make me proud!

I am so happy that this chapter in my life has been a good one and I am sure that I will one day return to the arena as a judge.  I think that if I had to put into a word I felt as I left the arena last night I would choose: Bittersweet.  The walk from the announcers booth at the end of the night to my car felt long and final.   I stopped on my way out, I snapped the final image of the day… an empty, quiet arena with the lights on after dark.  There may have been a few tears in my eyes as I pulled out of the fairgrounds knowing this chapter of my life is closing. Soon enough I will be deciding between a horse show to go to or an open water swim… and that friends leave me excited to open the next chapter of my life!

Final Shot