Family Yoga… Toes!

In the last several months, part of my absence was due to life changes. I married the man God put on this Earth for me, remember I mentioned a good thing starting last summer?  It was not only the start of a good thing but the beginning of a lifetime adventure! Needless to say, I was a little busy with wedding planning, and then I moved.  Not just across town or down the road, but 600 miles from home.

Anyway, enough about my life changes.

I would have to say one of my favorite things that my husband and I do together… drum roll please: is Yoga Toes!IMG_2579  It’s a little nerdy but we both love it!

I am sure that you may be asking what are Yoga Toes?  Let me tell you about these amazing things!

These goofy looking gel things are probably one of my favorite purchases ever!

Almost every night, or day– I kick my feet up, get my little piggies situated in my yoga toes and relax.

Let me be honest, I have some seriously wonky feet.  I even spent time in physical therapy in my teens because of them. They are wide and flat with a high instep.  Don’t they sound so cute?  Starting middle of this past summer, a pain developed in my left foot in the joint under my pinky toe.  I am not one to go running to the doctors for anything, but I did break down and get x-rays done to make sure I did not break anything.  Good news– no broken bones in my foot 🙂  Bad news– because of my seriously flat feet I was stressing the joint and therefor creating the pain 🙁 My doctor showed me how to tape my foot so I would be in less pain, and my foot would be supported to eliminate some pain.

Taping my foot helped, but let’s be real, it has to be re-taped every couple of days.  It gets old fast– REALLY FAST!

Yoga ToesSo after we settled into our house, I ordered in a set of Yoga Toes.  Unfortunately for me, I ordered in a pair that was 2 sizes too big, but they were perfect for my husband!  So, back to amazon for me.  This time I made sure I ordered the right size, not based on the color of the Yoga Toes.  I might lean more towards blue when I am buying things, which is how I ended up with Yoga Toes that fit my husband.  Purple isn’t necessarily my go to color, but that’s what I ended up with.

Often after dinner we camp out on a couch with our respective Yoga Toes and enjoy a little relaxation time.  Normally just 20 minutes of wearing the Toes and my feet feel amazing and the pain in my left foot is almost nonexistent.

You might be asking yourself, what do these Yoga Toes actually do, and are they worth it?  Simple answer to question 2:  YES!

Yoga Toes and T

Okay, now for question 1:  They help realign your toes and put them back to where God intended them.  You see, shoving our feet into those super cute shoes will have ramifications to our lovely feet that we did not see coming when the shoes called to us in the store.
Do your feet hurt you?

Do they ache?

Yoga toes might be something for you to check out.

In case you have yet to figure it out, the Yoga Toes I have are pretty much amazing!  They have provided my poor feet some great relief and actually get me to slow down and relax, which is a good thing according to my doctor 😉  Oh and even better, I get some quality time with the hubby!
Here is an example of what I bought: IMG_2578

Coffee Lovers Dream!

Note to self, take the before picture.

Maybe one day I will remember that.

Let me back up… Last night I was deep cleaning our kitchen floor when, during a break, I came across a video of a woman using coffee beans to get rid of her dark circles under her eyes… DID YOU HEAR ME?!?!  COFFEE!  (which happens to be one of my favorite things in the world!)  Needless to say, I stopped cleaning my floor to watch this video.IMG_2363

It seemed so simple, I was intrigued.  So the next morning, I grabbed my coffee grinder and pulsed some coffee beans 2 times. This made the kitchen smell amazing.  Who does not like the smell of fresh ground coffee?

Next, I grabbed the black pepper and the coconut oil, the other ingredients called for in the video.

I mixed the pepper in with the coffee.  I went with a couple of twists on my pepper grinder and maybe a tablespoon of freshly ground coffee.

Then I mixed in the coconut oil.  My suggestion, use just enough coconut oil to make the coffee and the pepper bind.  I use a cold pressed, organic coconut oil.

If you use too much it melts down the side your face. I may have learned this lesson the hard way.

Finally, apply your mask and let it do its magic.


I spread the mix under my eyes and enjoyed the wonderful aroma.  Personally, the aroma therapy was just as enjoyable as the mask working on my dark, puffy eyes.

Remember how I mentioned to only use enough coconut oil to bind the coffee and pepper?  OneWell, I think I used a little too much oil because the mask enjoyed melting and running down my face… which led me to think that one could use this mask on their entire face. Check out the oil running down my face –>

I left this on for 15 minutes.

During this time, I wondered if this mask would really get rid of even some of the wonderful dark circles that have shown up recently.

After washing away my mask, I was more than pleasantly surprised. Not only were my dark circles diminished greatly, but my eyes that had been feeling so tired were now perky! I think this was the best part of the mask—Rejuvenated eyes! SEE!


I almost look cross-eyed in this picture. Hey, cut me some slack, taking a selfie of one’s eyes and not looking goofy is harder than one would think 😉

Let’s recap the lessons learned:

  • Take before pictures.
  • Use less coconut oil when applying to face—less streaking!

Note: all pictures are unfiltered.

Pretty Little Packages

I started today pretty excited & happy.  I found a recipe from Young & Raw on facebook recently that I wanted to try.  Iced Green Matcha…. mmm yummy!  I like hot Matcha; so I thought that I would try it cold.  Plus, since I am no longer drinking coffee– I was missing a morning drink. So I thought I would give this drink a try.

I mixed up the recipe quickly, (It’s fast & easy) ,tossed it in my mason jar, and ran out the door to work.

During my 45 minute commute to work, I sipped on my drink– enjoying the fun color. I would say about halfway to work, I realized I had to make an important decision regarding my Matcha.  Down the rest of my drink, so my co-workers would not have to see my green drink or proudly rock the Matcha in a Mason Jar.  I really wanted to sip on my drink and enjoy it most of the morning.  While I debated my predicament, I realized that if I carried my mason jar in, I was sure to get comments and questions. Perfect!  I get to tell people about my awesome healthy drink, my coworkers  already think I am nutty! So why not give people something to talk about and enjoy my crazy healthy drink!

StarbucksAs I approached work, I wondered if my drink was in a Starbucks cup or a cup from a local coffee shop, would they even think twice about it being green? Probably not. But make your drink at home, put it in a mason jar, and you will have their attention.  I mean, they have a drink that looks a lot like mine. Check it out straight from their site: Starbucks Iced Green Tea  Photo from http://so–

My decision was made- take it in with me and enjoy it. Heck it looks a lot like the Starbucks version as is.

IMG_0568I was ready to have some fun!  The way I look at it, if people are noticing my green drink– then I can tell them about it. If I can share, people may start to get interested in living a healthier life.  Once someone is interested and is curious, then they might start making an attempt to living a cleaner lifestyle.  Once you start living a cleaner lifestyle, then you realize that it is not hard and might start cleaning up more in their lives.  I love watching someone become interested in nutrition and health!  I am not sure that there is much more that makes me happy.

Anyway, back to this morning.  I pulled into my work, popped my backpack on (which I still owe you a post about 😉 ) and off I went into the building.  I decided to swing through the cafeteria to top off the ice in my drink.  In the cafeteria there were a couple of coworkers and, sure enough, we struck up a conversation about my green drink…………………in a mason jar.

This was great!  I had the opportunity to share with them 2 healthy ideas!  We talked for a minute about how I drink out of glass and why it’s healthy for you AND my healthy green matcha!

Mission accomplished… I was able to share my green drink recipe with another 4 people before I left the cafeteria and more throughout the day.  Overall, I think personally getting the chance to talk with 10 people about my green drink in one day is pretty awesome.  So don’t be afraid to make your own pretty packages or to carry them in public.  You never know when you influence someone to change their life.

So I tip my pretty green glass to you!  I hope that you will try Matcha in a Mason Jar soon! 


Just a little cursed…

My family has a little secret, okay maybe not a secret but a history, more like a pattern…

Almost every time my mother catches up on paperwork– like does not need to think about it for a while; pat herself on the back; award winning amount of paperwork completed we end up being challenged as a family.  I am not talking about little bumps in the road that as you pass them you barely notice the car of life shake,  or even the speed bumps that you have to slow down for.  I am talking about the speed moguls of Speed bumplife. I equate these speed bumps to the ones that  the city put on the access road during my senior year of high school. This was the city’s attempt to slow the speed racers trying to escape from school, and the super-speed racers trying to beat the morning bell to avoid detention by adding the biggest speed bumps to the only road that lead to the school.  These speed bumps are the king’s of speed bumps, you can ask my sister… after taking hitting one at 35mph in the truck she blew out a tire and broke the radiator.  My family has been cruising through life when mom catches up on the family business paperwork, the family paperwork and is all around ready to relax when we encounter the king of all life speed bumps like the one pictured right.

F TruckIn August 2001, she caught up on the paperwork in the middle of the night and mid-morning the next day our house caught on fire.  This was probably on the biggest bump we took as a family.  Because of that fire,  I learned a lot about insurance, organization, living without my belonging, construction projects and you guessed it,  fires.  I feel pretty lucky, no one was injured in our fire and one of my uncles by marriage was one of the responding firefighters.  Thanks TFD for being awesome that day and taking care of our family.
Photo of Toledo Fire Truck.

In the mid 1990’s, we tragically lost an office manager shortly after mom was caught up on everything.

I am pretty sure that in 2008, she had caught up on her paperwork just before we had a pipe break in a the kitchen and flood the house.

I am sure that there are old ones that I can’t remember, but those are the main ones that come to mind.

Mom’s paperwork curse struck again late last week.  This time, unfortunately, my brother received the brunt end.  At 5:15 pm on Friday, my dad received a phone call that my brother had broken his leg at a local wakeboarding park.  Well it was localfor my brother, but 2 hours away from our family homestead.  Needless to say, the family has rallied around my brother and his hurt leg, making sure that he is well taken care of right now and will continue as he heals.  The X-ray is pretty gnarly.  He not only broke his leg, but severely dislocated the ankle.  If you get queasy look away because here is a pic:


Okay it’s safe to look again!

Every time we are challenged with a new speed bump, we rally as a family.  Normally, this means making a game plan and tackling one little part until we are once again in control of our life.  To be 100% honest, every once in a while, I ask God why he feels our family can handle so much?  I know He only gives each of us only as much as we can handle, but that does not stop my from wondering why we get challenged this way. I am always looking to grow and be better… stretch myself, but sometimes the stretching that occurs because of the speed bumps hurts more than I would like.  But just because it hurts does not mean that I need get angry or bitter… I choose to grow through each situation.

Now you may be wondering how in the world would you ever notice a pattern of hitting speed moguls after paperwork was caught up on? To be honest, I am not sure.  We were sitting in church and mom leaned over and told us she had caught up on her paperwork the night before J broke his leg.

Have you noticed any patterns in your life like this?

Do you have any family superstitions?

How do you handle your family speed bumps?

I can tell you this we, as a family, have requested that she NEVER be caught up 100% again.  She can leave one piece of paper untouched! At minimum, she can warn us that she is up to date on everything!  That way, I can wrap myself in bubble wrap… or I can plan on arming myself with tools that will make me strong and ready to handle any challenge that comes my way!

Oh and I am arranging for a token stack of “paperwork” to stay on mom’s desk:Paper_Stacks_Desk


Cherish it before it’s gone.

It’s been almost a week since I last posted, YIKES!  It seems like just yesterday I was sitting in front of my computer wrapping up my birthday month. As I walked out on the barn to feed the horses, Nash walked next to me.  Since he was a puppy, he has pushed his head right under my left hand and we walk together.  As he is showing more signs of nearing the end, I cherish these times more and more.  The last week, I have slowed down and enjoyed things around the family more than usual. The baby sister just pulled out of the driveway to leave for college. It’s been fun to have her around for a week.   She brings a unique fun to life and makes cherishing the little moments worthwhile. Today I challenge you to take a minute, smell the roses and enjoy life… All aspects of yours!  I promise it will enrich you.  Look for the positive things, find ways to bless others because it’s good for you!


Day 29… Fall… Fall… Fall into my arms!

plies of leavesCool crisp air, fierce red sunsets, combines in the field, the sounds of laughter at gatherings… one of the favorite things about the best season of all is sports! Football is on in the house or blasting out of a truck as I work outside; I get to watch my sister’s college volleyball team; and the US Open tennis tournament is on… Ahhhhh so many wonderful sports to catch.  I love that during the day I can be in a tank top and shorts; but in the evening, I can put on a cuddly sweatshirt and jeans, grab a glass of wine and chill by a fire. But I think my absolute favorite thing about this time of year after the fruits and veggies is LOVE… yes Love.  It seems like so many people talk about falling in love in the spring or summer romance, but I think fall is a better time to find love.  I mean seriously, what a better reason to snuggle with someone than a good bonfire?  For me it always seems that love or at least like waltzes into my life during the fall. It’s like a my fresh start point of the year. It makes me so happy 😉 Falling in love is like falling into a fresh pile of leaves! Have you ever watched a kid fall or get thrown into a pile of leaves?  They get the biggest smile, giggle and squeal.  Very similar, at the start of a new relationship one giggles, smiles and laughs a lot. So yes, I am excited for fall… and maybe because I have reasons to smile and giggle like a kid again.

What’s your favorite season?


Day 28. Smoke signals and soup

I love to cook, bake, and grill. I have made some master pieces and some flops. No matter what happens in my kitchen I normally enjoy it! Worst case scenario, Chipotle should be open if I make something that is not edible. But that has only happened one or two times in my life.

How can I pick a favorite appliance when each has a great purpose? The grill? I perfected sending smoke signals from my childhood grill. That’s super fun. The stove? I can make a mean blacked skillet. The oven? That ones pretty boring? The juicer? I can dye things all kinds of great colors! Juicing beets is a great way to finish off a gory Halloween costume. The blender? What a great way to explain a volcano and a tornado in one piece! Hmmm so may great choices.

The piece that I love the most is probably my most versatile piece and that’s my food processor. I used to think food processors were for house moms. I was soooo wrong they are for everyone! Including this hippie!!!!!

I love using it to make soap, make cookie dough, make soup, date bars… Hmmm I wonder if I make date bars if I can get a date with Prince Charming? Sorry bad pun. Anyway, today I choose my food processor. I its a newer addition to my kitchen. But it is one of the more used pieces.

What’s your favorite kitchen piece?


Do over! Day 25

Well since it’s after midnight and technically the 26th I guess I could call a Do-over on today’s I mean yesterday’s post. I am really wondering where the day went? Can someone please tell me? Thanks you will be my new best friend.
In all seriousness, if I could do anything over what would I choose?

I think I would go back and not join the adult world so young. I went to a college that stressed once we graduated we should get a great job, build your 401k, pass the CPA exam and most important: DONATE, DONATE DONATE to your alma mater. This is a great theory but I wish I would have been a barista for a couple of years and travelled more! I figured a barista would be perfect because it allows you to interact with your customers on a regular basis and have great conversations. Have you ever struck up a conversation with someone in the coffee shop and realized that they not only made your day but your week too?

So there you have it, if I could get a do-over I would choose to not grow up just yet. Be a barista. Learn from my patrons and travel the world!

So here is to never growing up… In this adult world.

That reminds me where should my next trip be?

And what’s your do-over in life?20140726-002612-1572344.jpg

Photo from:

Day 24 my favorite piece of clothing

Okay I am going to keep this super short. I am a jeans and sweatshirt kind of girl. My favorite piece from my wardrobe happens to be this striped sweatshirt. We (the shirt and I) have a great story. Last year, I bought my baby sister the exact shirt and fell in love with it because it’s super comfy. Memorial Day we we stopped into a J. Crew outlet store and sitting there just waiting for me was the exact shirt I bought my sister, the previous year. Needless to say, baby sister and I can now pretend we are 12 again and rock the twinsie look.